Really insightful and useful resource. Overall seems to favor “rich” founders/teams that can afford dedicated time/labor for PR. Also biased towards entrenched relationships that exist among PR pros and reporters. For grassroots and bootstrapped entrepreneurs, the picture is much different.

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Digital health should be correct from disease prevention, early warning, diagnosis, treatment, and a series of treatment programs for diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

This can be called the real Digitalhealth.

Otherwise, it is meaningless to only sell rough machining data.

Because man is an organism, not a machine. understand?

Don't know how to come and discuss with me!

The sole founder of Practical Medicine ,not only found the root causes of a variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and depression, but also made digital healthcare possible.

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This was one of the most valuable articles I've read in quite a well. Well done Chrissy. And on a personal note, I love that you interviewed former clients/colleagues of mine, John Hallock, Erik Milster and Dan Budwick!

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